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NudeAfricanBoys is an ethnic amateur site dedicated to African boys and males, and openly discussing about homosexuality in Africa.
All the exclusive amateur models are Africans, and most of the pictures have been shot in Africa

Total sites listed: 57
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Deep Inside Boys
DIB - Deep Inside Boys

1 neutral Thug Seduction - stats

Thug Seduction where the dicks get harder and the asses get juicer.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 982
Total [This Month] 1249
Total [Average] 1232.0000
Total [From Beginning] 96906

2 neutral Dominican Boys - Black and Latino Boys from the Caribbean - stats

Exclusive Content! 275+ Hot Guys! More than 18 500 Photos & 600 Video Clips!

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 751
Total [This Month] 994
Total [Average] 1050.0000
Total [From Beginning] 282433

3 neutral Macho Fucker - stats

Amateur Interracial Bareback website. The site features XXL-hung Amateur studs from all over the world, ###ing the ### out of cute and sexy Bottom sluts. Interracial Bareback hardcore with lots of internal cumshots, at its best.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 681
Total [This Month] 853
Total [Average] 912.0000
Total [From Beginning] 63335

4 neutral ThugBoy - Thugs and Gangstas straight from da hood - stats

Check da newest Arrivals in tha ThugHood. New meat joinin da gang every week!

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 582
Total [This Month] 881
Total [Average] 875.7500
Total [From Beginning] 127342

5 neutral PapiThugs - Latin Papiz & Black Thugz - stats

Thugz from tha NYC in original, hot amateur-style fukkin and sukkin video clips & tha chillest photo galleries

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 516
Total [This Month] 645
Total [Average] 694.0000
Total [From Beginning] 66716

6 neutral MiamiBoyz - Original Latino Amateurs - stats


Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 498
Total [This Month] 675
Total [Average] 740.7500
Total [From Beginning] 80715

7 neutral Raw Rods - stats

Yo, dis da latest shit right here. Brothas doin it like we do it, nottin but RAW dick up in dis joint!

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 483
Total [This Month] 780
Total [Average] 809.7500
Total [From Beginning] 174184

8 neutral Bi Latin Men - Latin Men & Uncut Cock - stats is a porn site for latin men, bisexual porn and uncut cock.

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 470
Total [This Month] 629
Total [Average] 676.2500
Total [From Beginning] 60290

9 neutral Black Boy Addictionz - stats

100% ORIGINAL AMATEUR ACTION starring young black males (18-25) in both Interracial and Black-Only scenes, usually for their first times in front of a camera

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 435
Total [This Month] 600
Total [Average] 593.7500
Total [From Beginning] 27661

10 neutral Breed It Raw - stats

Breed It Raw !

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 394
Total [This Month] 511
Total [Average] 480.5000
Total [From Beginning] 23636

11 neutral CocoDorm, Live Black and Latino Dorm! - stats

Hottest and horniest Black & Latino boys. CocoDorm is filled with the hottest action, raw sex, ###ing, sucking and what ever else these sexually uninhibited boys can think of. Live action 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 359
Total [This Month] 628
Total [Average] 568.0000
Total [From Beginning] 101477

12 neutral UomoTV - stats

Nude Latin Men and Uncut Cock Videos

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 350
Total [This Month] 430
Total [Average] 450.2500
Total [From Beginning] 54169

13 neutral Raw Breeders - stats

Black guys doing it raw ...

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 344
Total [This Month] 448
Total [Average] 484.7500
Total [From Beginning] 19929

14 neutral - interracial gay sex - stats

New website dedicated to hot interracial gay sex

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 191
Total [This Month] 260
Total [Average] 273.0000
Total [From Beginning] 46191

15 neutral Latin Piss - stats

This is a site that does what it claims - It gives you hot young Latin guys pissing on themselves and sometimes a friend! If watching piss flow out of a hot uncut cock gets you off then this is a new site you will definitely want to check out!

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 186
Total [This Month] 252
Total [Average] 244.5000
Total [From Beginning] 19548

16 neutral Maskurbate - stats

Gay Anonymous Sex - Masked Men - Fantasy Movies

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 125
Total [This Month] 176
Total [Average] 178.5000
Total [From Beginning] 6817

17 neutral Deep Inside Boys - stats

DIB - Deep Inside Boys

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 107
Total [This Month] 139
Total [Average] 143.5000
Total [From Beginning] 3513

18 neutral JackSinRaw - stats

JackSin Industries is your one stop shop for everything nasty. Here you will find Groups, outdoor sex, creampies, facials and all the bells and whistles.

Category: Asian
Unique [This Month] 74
Total [This Month] 90
Total [Average] 74.2500
Total [From Beginning] 779

19 neutral X Convicts - stats

They did the time! Now they released from prison, turned out on man-on-man sex, and ready to meet you!

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 62
Total [This Month] 92
Total [Average] 81.0000
Total [From Beginning] 7114

20 neutral Coco Boyz - stats

All original black and lation boyz

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 59
Total [This Month] 70
Total [Average] 67.5000
Total [From Beginning] 10256

21 neutral Feel The Wrath - stats

Some of the hottest, sexiest,and creative amateur style adult entertainment.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 57
Total [This Month] 71
Total [Average] 63.7500
Total [From Beginning] 770

22 neutral Thug Orgy - stats

Piles of black bodies sucking and fucking their thug hearts out.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 53
Total [This Month] 67
Total [Average] 57.7500
Total [From Beginning] 11205

23 neutral Flava Boys - stats

All original Black and Latino Website on the Net! Hundreds of EXCLUSIVE ALL ORIGINAL models and video clips of the sexiest Amatuer Straight, Gay, and Bi Men from around the world.

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 51
Total [This Month] 67
Total [Average] 70.5000
Total [From Beginning] 9744

24 neutral Blacks On Daddies - stats

Blacks on daddies

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 49
Total [This Month] 59
Total [Average] 66.7500
Total [From Beginning] 7493

25 neutral Crocodick, Male nudity in African tradition - stats

Crocodick is a unique ressource of pictures of African tradition. Find there the Nubas, Mursis, etc. And all these beauties for free !!

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 48
Total [This Month] 53
Total [Average] 58.2500
Total [From Beginning] 55932

26 neutral Local Male Escorts - stats

Thousands of U.S. and International Escorts Profiles with Adult and Non-Adult Photos

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 46
Total [This Month] 55
Total [Average] 49.7500
Total [From Beginning] 4026

27 neutral Bad Boy Bondage - stats

Boy Bondage Studios

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 45
Total [This Month] 66
Total [Average] 48.5000
Total [From Beginning] 1360

28 neutral Power Men - stats features dozens of real musclemen from all over the world in hot adult solo video clips

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 43
Total [This Month] 69
Total [Average] 51.7500
Total [From Beginning] 5627

29 neutral Bang Bang Boys - stats

It's the site where you will find the most mind-blowingly hot, straight and gay guys you're ever going to lay eyes on

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 42
Total [This Month] 53
Total [Average] 59.0000
Total [From Beginning] 7777

30 neutral Dark Thunder - stats

Gay black, pix and vids.

Category: Latino
Unique [This Month] 38
Total [This Month] 54
Total [Average] 50.2500
Total [From Beginning] 9219

31 neutral Istanboys - stats

Unlock the dark mystery of beautiful Turkish boys.

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 38
Total [This Month] 52
Total [Average] 47.5000
Total [From Beginning] 14930

32 neutral A F R I B O Y Z - Nude African Boys and Men - stats

AfriboyZ - Exclusive African models, many pictures mostly shot on location in Africa, videos, e-mails of the models, personals, links.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 38
Total [This Month] 45
Total [Average] 45.2500
Total [From Beginning] 1974

33 neutral Edger 9 - stats

Race Cooper offers exetutive services...

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 37
Total [This Month] 46
Total [Average] 46.2500
Total [From Beginning] 5161

34 neutral Follow CJ Wright - stats

Wright's personal website

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 36
Total [This Month] 53
Total [Average] 49.5000
Total [From Beginning] 4481

35 neutral Naked Swords - stats

Video On Demand

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 36
Total [This Month] 47
Total [Average] 45.7500
Total [From Beginning] 4639

36 neutral AfriboY - African Male Erotic Art - stats

AfriboY is the site of a young African artist, and is an ode to the absolute beauty of the african male's body.

Category: Black
Unique [This Month] 36
Total [This Month] 43
Total [Average] 42.0000
Total [From Beginning] 18787

37 neutral DeepSmashedATL - stats

Amateur and faceless

Category: Twinks
Unique [This Month] 35
Total [This Month] 46
Total [Average] 44.7500
Total [From Beginning] 480

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